Hydraulic Tool Holder

hydraulic tool holder

Increase Precision and Tool Longevity With a Hydraulic Tool Holder

Many of our customers at TM Smith Tool are choosing hydraulic tool holders for CNC machines. Workers love the hydraulic tool holder system, but few know how it actually works. While you don’t need to know all of the science behind this type of tool holder, understanding the basics helps you make an informed choice. Here’s a brief explanation of how hydraulic tool holders work, along with a few of the reasons they’re popular in so many shops.

The Mechanics Behind Hydraulic Tool Holders

Most tool holding systems are purely mechanical, such as the metal chucks used on many tool holders for lathes. A hydraulic tool holder system uses fluid (typically oil) to compress a membrane inside the holder itself. The internal pressure creates an equal seal around tool shank, meaning no spot is lacking in grip.

Why You Should Choose Hydraulic Tool Holders

Hydraulic tool holders have major benefits over other systems. For many industries, these can save money and produce better work. Here are just a few of the advantages of this tool holding system:

  • Exceptional runout accuracy: The high concentricity of this system lends an accuracy margin of the tiniest fraction of an inch.
  • Longer tool life: The uniform load on cutting tools, for instance, prevents any one part from dulling earlier than the rest.
  • Increased stability: The rigidity enforced by the hydraulics not only produces better results, it reduces tool wear.
  • Better clearance: Hydraulic holders are more compact that similar systems, creating more space around parts and fixtures.

Contact Us Today

Hydraulic systems provide options you can’t get from other hand tool holders. The use of fluid to create a pressurized hold on the tool bit provides better results while significantly reducing wear and tear on your tools. Give TM Smith Tool a call at 800-521-4894 or email us at customerservice@tmsmith.com for more information on how these products can help your process.

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