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The Importance of Tool Holders

the importance of tool holders

Tool holders are important for effective and safe connections between high speed tools and a machine. With the right tool holder, an industry can consistently produce quality and reliable products in a safe way. T.M. Smith Tool offers a wide range of tool holders used by many industries for many different purposes, all the way […]

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Collets 101: Understanding Types and Uses

collet types and sizes

Many people, if approached on the street and asked for a definition of a collet, would likely develop a blank stare. Collets are integral parts of machining, and yet so many don’t know what they are or misrepresent them as chucks. As T.M. Smith Tool is known for their quick change tool holding systems, they […]

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Jacobs Taper Dimensions

jacobs taper dimensions

Why Use a Jacobs Taper Whether you’re just getting started in machine tooling or are an old hand at it, you’ve probably heard the term Jacobs taper thrown around. TM Smith Tool carries this popular and versatile tool mounting system on many of our products. If you’re curious about what defines a Jacobs taper or […]

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Custom HSK Tool Arbors

custom tool holders

Need a special tool holder or arbor? TM Smith Tool can design and manufacture custom HSK tool arbors to fit your needs. We understand no one wants a special- but when you can’t find a standard holder, let us help! Contact us today to discuss your application. Learn more about the types of specials we […]

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Steep Taper MQL Tool Holder Solution

cat40 retention knob illustration

T.M. Smith Tool is developing a complete steep taper MQL tool holder solution. The system consists of a precision made ER collet chuck, retention knob with MQL delivery tube, and MQL adjusting screw. Multiple interchangeable MQL screw designs are available to meet your application requirements. CAT & BT MQL Shrink fit holders coming soon! Click […]

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