How to Adjust the Tension & Compression Ratio in a TM Smith Tool ACTH Holder

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T.M. Smith Tool manufactures a wide range of quick change and ER collet style adjustable tension and compression tap holders.

Tension and compression holders are often used in non-synchronous machines. In this application, the holder compensates by pulling out in tension or compressing on itself and allows the tap to feed at a proper pitch. Using a tension and compression holder often corrects oversized holes and improves tap life. Many applications require tension compression ratio adjustment.

To adjust the tension and compression ratio in a TM Smith tap holder the only tool needed is a flat head screwdriver. Begin by removing the tap adapter or ER collet and insert the screwdriver into the front of the tool holder, engaging with the slot of the adjustment screw. To reduce the compression, rotate the screwdriver clockwise. At fully reduced compression, you will no longer be able to depress the holder. The adjustment screw will continue to rotate even after the holder is set to full tension. To add compression, rotate the screwdriver counterclockwise, which will increase the distance between the carrier and shank.

Quick-change holders are available in series 1, 2, or 3 and ER collet style holders are available with an ER20 or ER32 collet pocket. Both styles can be assembled with CAT, BT, HSK, Straight, or ACME shanks.

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