Tapping Holders

tapping holders

Rigid Tap Holders (SITH)

Our modular Rigid Tap Holder Solution allows for fast tapping and interchangeability with CNC machinery. By using a quick-change tooling system, you’ll be able to quickly switch taps for increased efficiency in settings with multiple setups per shift. This solution works on rigid or synchronous tapping machines.

  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Available in Steep Taper, HSK, Straight and ACME shanks
  • Works with a CSTA adapter and provides coolant sealing
  • Quick change and modular
  • Superior craftsmanship increases life of taps

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Radial Floating Tap Holders (FITH-II)

Designed to compensate for misalignment between the cutting tool and work piece.

  • 360 degree radial float
  • Adjustable centering pressure
  • Coolant Through design (sealed coolant option available)
  • Available in Steep Taper, HSK, Straight, ACME, Morse and Jacobs taper shanks
  • Quick Change

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Watch video: How to Adjust the Centering Pressure in a TM Smith Tool FITH-II/LCTH Radial Floating Tool Holder


Tension/Compression with Radial Float Tap Holders (LCTH)

The LCTH is designed with axial and radial compensation.

  • Available with a Straight, ACME or Morse Taper shanks
  • Adjustable centering pressure
  • Available in full tension, tension & compression or full compression
  • Quick change

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Close Center Tap Holders (CCTH)

The CCTH is a quick change size specific product. The small O.D. allows this holder to be used when a standard holder is too large.

  • Available in rigid or with tension
  • Order with a TMS-EXT Extension for additional reach
  • Straight shank option coming soon

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Cartridge Style Tap Holders with Tension (CSTH-T)

  • Compact design
  • Use with an end mill holder or in a tool block
  • Quick change

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Tap Adapters

TM Smith Tool offers the largest selection of quick change tap adapters available on the market.

  • Standard ball drive or tang drive adapters
  • Adjustable length adapters with tension and/or compression
  • Adapters range from #6 to 2″
  • Available for ANSI, DIN, JIS and ISO standards
  • Extensions available for fixture or part clearance
  • Through coolant design
  • ER collet style adapters for tapping and reaming
  • Interchangable with most Bilz style holders
  • Specials available for non standard shank & square combinations

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