Special Tool Holders

When a complex part or fixture interference is making machining with a standard tool holder impossible, TM Smith Tool will design a custom solution for you.

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quick change tapping

Quick Change Tap Holders


TM Smith Tool offers the largest selection of in stock quick change tap holders available on the market. Our Rigid, Radial Floating and Tension/Compression tap holders are available in Steep Taper, HSK, Straight, Automotive (ACME), Jacobs and Morse Taper shanks.

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tap adapters

Quick Change Tap Adapters


TM Smith Tool offers the largest selection of quick change tap adapters available on the market.

  • Standard ball drive or tang drive adapters
  • Adjustable length adapters with tension and/or compression
  • Adapters range from #6 to 2″
  • Available for ANSI, DIN, ISO and JIS standards
  • Extensions available for fixture or part clearance
  • Through coolant design
  • ER collet style adapters for tapping and reaming
  • Interchangeable with most Bilz style holders
  • Specials available for non standard shank & square combinations

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Radial Floating Collet Chuck

Radial Floating Collet Chucks

TM Smith Tool’s radial floating collet chucks are a preferred choice for reaming and tapping applications. The free floating design allows the reamer or tap to easily find an existing hole on a work piece. The design of the holder allows the operator to adjust the centering pressure for their specific application.

  • 360 degree radial float
  • Available in HSK. Steep Taper, Straight, Automotive (ACME), Jacobs and Morse Taper shanks
  • Through coolant design
  • Accepts standard ER collets (ER11 to ER40)
  • Adjustable Centering Pressure

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quick change drilling systems

Quick Change Drilling Systems

TM Smith Tool offers two proven quick change drilling systems. The BALL-LOCK® and SMITH-LOCK® can be used on CNC lathes, screw machines, Automotive (straight bore) and Tru-Taper® Spindles .

  • Cutting tools can be changed in 5 seconds
  • Convert any ACME shank tool holder to a quick change holder with a TM Smith Tool conversion nut
  • Collet Chucks accept standard ER or Double Angle collets

View SMITH-LOCK® Collet Chuck
View SMITH-LOCK® Over Spindle Adapters (OSA)
View BALL-LOCK® Collet Chuck
View BALL-LOCK® Over Spindle Adapters (OSA)
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acme drilling

Automotive (ACME) Shank Tooling

TM Smith Tool offers a full line of Automotive (ACME) shank tool holders.

View Rigid ER & Double Angle Collet Chucks
View Rigid Quick Change Tap Holders
View Radial Floating Quick Change Tap Holders
View Radial Floating ER Collet Chucks
View Tension & Compression Tap Holders
View Radial Float with Tension & Compression QC Tap Holders
View Close Center Tap Holders

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Single Angle(ER) & Double Angle(DA) Straight Shank Collet Extensions

Straight shank collet extensions are available in ER and Double Angle collet options.

  • Available in ER 8 to ER 40 and DA 300 to DA 180
  • Custom lengths available upon request

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