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Quick Change Adapter Drilling for CNC Lathes and Screw Machines

Quick change adapter drill

Try a TM Smith Tool quick change sleeve adapter (QCSA) to reduce down time and save money by speeding up your tool changes.  The quick change adapter works with most straight bore lathe and screw machine tool blocks and is available with our BALL-LOCK™ and SMITH-LOCK® proven systems.   QCSA are available for 1.50 and […]

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Jacobs Drill Chuck Taper

jacobs taper dimensions

T.M. Smith Tool adds new Jacobs Taper Rigid ER Collet Chucks to its family of Jacobs taper tool holders. The new durable collet tool chucks are manufactured from premium grade, through-hardened steel. The internal Jacobs taper and ER collet pockets are precision ground to provide T.I.R.  of 0.0002” or better. The T.M. Smith ER collets […]

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LCTH Straight Shank Collet Chuck

LCTH Straight Shank Tap Holder

Are you looking for a reliable, general-purpose compensating tap holder for your machining needs? If so, you can’t go wrong with the LCTH with a Straight Shank from T.M. Smith Tool. It’s manufactured from premium grade steel that can withstand rigorous use. It also allows you to easily adjust the centering pressure of the radial […]

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Custom HSK Tool Arbors

custom tool holders

Need a special tool holder or arbor? TM Smith Tool can design and manufacture custom HSK tool arbors to fit your needs. We understand no one wants a special- but when you can’t find a standard holder, let us help! Contact us today to discuss your application. Learn more about the types of specials we […]

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Steep Taper MQL Tool Holder Solution

cat40 retention knob illustration

T.M. Smith Tool is developing a complete steep taper MQL tool holder solution. The system consists of a precision made ER collet chuck, retention knob with MQL delivery tube, and MQL adjusting screw. Multiple interchangeable MQL screw designs are available to meet your application requirements. CAT & BT MQL Shrink fit holders coming soon! Click […]

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