How to Adjust the Centering Pressure in a TM Smith Tool FITH-II/LCTH Radial Floating Tool Holder

***fast-forward to 01:13 for adjusting instructions****

T.M. Smith Tool manufactures a wide range of radial floating tool holder options specifically for tapping and reaming applications. Our quick change and ER collet style holders are compatible with CAT, BT, HSK, ACME, Straight, Morse, or a Jacobs Taper.

Radial floating holders are useful when compensating for misalignment between a cutting tool and workpiece is needed. A radial float will allow a reamer to follow an existing hole more easily, or more accurately tap a hole that may vary slightly in location. For reaming applications, this works best when the cutting tool has a lead, and the hole has a chamfer to help guide the tool to the precise location.

Certain applications may require the holder’s centering pressure to be adjusted. Smaller cutting tool sizes might require centering pressure to be decreased, while larger cutting tools may require an increase in centering pressure. As centering pressure increases, it becomes harder to move the holder off-center.

See the table on the video to determine the correct hex wrench size for the series holder you are adjusting.

To prevent the internal spring from binding during adjustment, be careful to not draw the screw to the very top of the float mechanism, which will put the holder into a rigid state.

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