SMITH-LOCK ® Quick Change Drilling System

Operators who want to quickly change tooling can use the BALL-LOCK quick change drilling system that is compatible with most lathe tool blocks. Using an over-spindle adapter (OSA), tool holders can be more easily changed in and out of a spindle with a pull of the shell. The system works with a SMITH-LOCK collet chuck or ACME shank tool holder and SMITH-LOCK conversion nut.

This system is designed to function with ASA spindles, including a Sugino drilling unit as demonstrated in the video. Of course, it also works seamlessly with the TM Smith quick sleeve adapter.

Instructions on selecting and installing the quick change drilling systems, go to the 01:08 mark on the video.

TM Smith BALL-LOCK spindle adapters are available for standard and stub ASA spindles. Installation of a BALL-LOCK stub or standard series can be accomplished with proper alignment of the adapter over the spindle and a simple hex wrench. For standard series installations, use the supplied curved washer. Make sure the OSA and spindle are clean and free from any chips or debris.

Once installed, the BALL-LOCK series lets you quickly change tools with a simple slide technique. To lock the tool holder into the spindle, just pull the outer shell forward, insert the tool holder, and release the outer shell, which will lock the tool holder in place. To remove a tool holder, just reverse the process — pull the outer shell forward and slide the tool holder from the adapter.

To learn about selecting a tool holder, forward to 02:40 on the video.

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