Collet Types and Sizes – ER Collets

What Are ER Collets?

Great results require great tools. Here at TM Smith Tool, we share our customers’ belief in quality and precision, and none of our products exemplify this better than our ER collet chucks. The ER line brings to the table unique elements that have made it the most commonly used clamping system world-wide.



What Makes ER Collets Special?

collet types and sizes

Collets are a type of chuck that forms a collar around a workpiece or tool in order to hold it in place. A basic example is the clamping system used by electric drills to hold the bit. They come in a variety of designs, each of which come in a range of sizes. This brings us to one potential drawback of collets: size limitations. Most collets can only hold one size of tool, necessitating that they be changed out between different pieces. This is where the ER design stands out: ER collet types and sizes are more versatile and can securely clamp pieces within a range.


What Does ER Stand for?

The letters “ER” designate the specific design of the collet. “E” originally indicated a particular line of products popular decades ago, and which are no longer available. Rego-Fix, a clamping system manufacturer, created the ER line with versatility in mind, and added the “R” to the designation. The flexibility of the ER collet size range varies by series. Depending on individual products, the internal diameter can collapse up to:

  • 2 mm for the ER-50
  • 1 mm for ER-40 to ER-20
  • 5 mm for ER-16 and smaller

The ER collet allows users adaptability in their projects and can decrease the need for custom jobs.


How Can You Get Your Own Set Today?

TM Smith Tool offers a variety of products, including options for custom orders. Don’t make do with devices that “almost” fit—our carefully crafted tools allow you administer the meticulous care your work deserves. To find the perfect tool for your project, give us a call at 800-521-4894 or visit us online.


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