What Is a Collet Used For?

What Is a Collet Used For? A collet is a cylindrical sleeve that is classified as a subtype of chuck. The sleeve is used to form a collar around a tool or device, with a pointed outer surface and a tube-shaped inner surface. Collets apply a powerful clamping force on the object they are holding […]

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How To Install a Collet Chuck on a Lathe

Using a collet chuck on a lathe allows the machine to hold a part or stock more securely. TM Smith offers high-quality collet chucks for lathes and other tools. With this information, you can use collets on your lathes securely and safely. Swapping a Lathe Collet Chuck Typically, when installing a collet chuck on a […]

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How To Know When To Replace Your Tap Holder

TM Smith Tool was established as the pioneer in quick-change tooling over 60 years ago. Our commitment continues today, creating innovative products and custom solutions for convenient tool holding systems for aerospace, automotive, machine tool, marine, and medical use. Quick-change devices such as our high-quality tap holders are designed for ease of use for everyone […]

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Where To Buy a Special Tool Holders & Tool Holder Solutions

A tool holder is a vital assemblage between a tool and a machine, holding the end mill securely in place for high-precision applications. Custom tool holders ensure an accurate and secure fit and are invaluable for increasing product quality, decreasing noise, and improving the machine’s life. Failure to invest in the proper tool holder solution […]

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Make Your Collets Last Longer – The Do’s and Don’ts

T.M. Smith offers a comprehensive selection of collets, collet nuts, and accessories. Our high-quality parts are built to last. Nonetheless, proper care is essential for ensuring the maximum possible service life. If you want to learn how to make your collets last longer, the following do’s and don’ts will help. The Importance of Proper Collet […]

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Benefits of Buying High Quality Tap Holders

Whether you are an engineer working in a machine shop or repairing a thread at home, you need to know how taps and their respective components work. Tapping is an operation used to produce internal screw threads using a tool called a tap. Taps are used in multiple industries and are used in a variety […]

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Why Do I Want To Use a Radial Floating Tool Holder?

Today’s tool holders are designed to make your job easier. At T.M. Smith our specialized tool-holding systems incorporate features that enhance cutting performance and improve productivity. They are designed to help overcome alignment disparity between the workpiece and the cutting tool. Numerous underlying circumstances can cause tool-alignment problems and interrupt normal operations. For example, when […]

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Standardized and Custom Tool-Holding Systems

Standardized & Custom Tool-Holding Systems When it comes to tool-holding systems, precision is essential. If you’ve tried to fit a tool shank into a collet that’s even a fraction too small, you may have discovered the importance of proper sizing. Even a slight size disparity could damage the collet, potentially rendering it dysfunctional. As the […]

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Floating Reamer Holders

Reamer Applications A reaming machine uses a specialized device to create a hole to your precise specifications. Unlike a flexible bit, a reamer is designed to create a hole with near-perfect concentricity. Avoid barreled, scared and ovalled holes by choosing a floating reamer holder from TM Smith. Reamers are typically used to gradually widen an […]

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CNC Tool Holders: What are They and What are the Different Types?

Your CNC machine uses a range of integral parts to complete your manufacturing process. An often-overlooked part of this dynamic machine is the tool holder. Find out more about special tool holders, why you need one and signs that your tool holder may need to be repaired or replaced. What Is a CNC Tool Holder? […]

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