T.M. Smith Tool Custom Tool Holders

Having the right tool for the job saves you tons of time. This is especially true in industrial applications, where precision and efficiency mean the difference between a high-quality product and a major disaster. Unfortunately, sometimes the right tool for your job doesn’t exist. Certain doom? Not even close. We can work with you to create custom tool holders that are a perfect fit:

  • Collet chucks
  • End mill holders
  • Shrink fit holders
  • Shell mill adapters
  • Quick-change tool holders

Give Your Applications an Edge With Special Tool Holders

Speed and results matter a ton in production environments. With custom tool holders, your company is ready for anything. Our extensive industry experience guarantees you the trustworthy quality you depend on together with the cost flexibility you need to stay within budget. Here’s why it matters:

Increased customer satisfaction: Clients have tight spec requirements. With the right tool, you can nail perfection time after time. That makes customers happy and boosts your reputation for best quality.

Improved productivity: If employees have to rig existing machinery in ways that weren’t intended, it can be dangerous and time consuming. With custom tool holders, you get guaranteed, repeatable results immediately. That speeds up production and increases profit margins.

Faster prototyping: Offering prototyping services to your customers makes your business far more desirable and adaptable. When designing the best layout, having the ability to work with custom tools helps you deliver.

custom tooling

Custom Tooling Options

At T.M. Smith Tool, we work with you to meet your deadlines and exact specifications. Quality and durability are our top priorities, but our sizeable team also guarantees minimum turnaround times. There are several ways to approach new applications:

  • Preexisting holder modification
  • Full custom tool holders

Modifying an existing product means faster delivery times, perfect for emergency production situations. We’re also more than happy to work step-by-step with your staff to design special tool holders and prototypes from the ground up.

Our dedication to excellence makes us a great partner in any manufacturing task. Contact us right away at (800) 521-4894 or (586) 468-1465 – or fill out our online form – to get additional assistance and tech support, or to place an order.


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