Reaming Machining

What Is Reaming?

Hole-making requires patience, attention to detail and the right tools; due to their precision, reamers are an essential item for any toolbox. If you need to make a hole through wood or metal, you’re not finished without reaming.

reaming machining

Difference Between Drilling and Reaming

Drilling creates an initial hole, usually using an electrically spun bit. Once the hole is made, it’s diameter may need to be expanded or the overall shape changed. Conical holes are a perfect example: after the hole has been drilled to its furthest point, a reamer can be used to gradually widen the tunnel, resulting in a hole that is narrower at one end.


Kinds of Reamers

There exist a variety of reamer bits designed to achieve different effects. Some commonly used reamer types include:

  • Straight reamer
  • Right hand spiral reamer
  • Rose reamer
  • Shell reamer

There are many more options, and even custom-made reamers for more demanding projects. However, the most commonly used bit is the straight reamer, which pushes chips forward and is therefore ideal for through-hole applications. By contrast, right hand spiral reamers pull the chips backward and out of the hole.


Use in Industries

Automated ream machining is common in manufacturing, but professional woodworkers and metalworkers can also use smaller, manual machines to the same effect. When manufacturing products, holes need to be accurately placed and fit to ensure lasting quality in the finished product.

Construction is another major industry where reaming is vital: tough materials like steel beams must be drilled in order to fit necessary bolts. For safety and quality, these holes need to fit the bolts as accurately as possible, which a reamer can help achieve.


Tools for Quality Workmanship

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