Shrink Fit Tool Holder Machine

At TM Smith Tool, we produce the highest-quality shrink fit tool holders. Whether you run a small shop or an international corporation, using this type of tool holder for your machining projects is a worthwhile investment that will increase your operation’s productivity and save you money.

What Are Shrink Fit Tool Holders?

shrink fit tool holder machine

A shrink fit tool holder is designed to secure cutting tools used in high-speed milling machines. Rather than using a set screw or collet chuck to grip an end mill, the shrink fit variation uses the heating and cooling properties of metal.

The interior of the holder is engineered with a diameter just smaller than that of the end mill. As the metal holder is heated, it expands, allowing to tool to fit in. When the shrink fit holder cools, the metal contracts, clamping the end mill firmly in place.

To conduct the heating/cooling process correctly, you will need a shrink fit tool holder machine. This piece of equipment can heat and cool end mill holders within seconds, helping you maximize your output by reducing tool changing times.

Benefits of Shrink Fit Tool Holders

Shrink fit tool holders require a significant upfront expenditure, especially when you factor in the cost of the shrink fit machine. However, the benefits of using this type of end mill holder justify the higher price tag. Here are some of the advantages:

  • By removing moving parts such as collets and wrenches from the equation, this type of holder allows for rapid tool changes.
  • When comparing a hydraulic tool holder vs shrink fit, you’ll find that shrink fit offers roughly the same runout (often .0001 or better), but their grip force is significantly higher.
  • Shrink fit holders boast the thinnest nose diameters of all holder types, which means less tool changing, as your end mill can reach tighter spaces.

Affordable and Customizable

With more than 60 years of industry experience, TM Smith Tool has the expertise to meet all your shrink fit tool holder system needs. Our products are budget-friendly without sacrificing quality. Browse our catalog for a standard option or contact us to get started with customizing the exact tool holder you need.


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