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Special Tool Holders, Custom or Standard, to Meet Any Challenge

All tools serve their purpose, but some are not made to be conveniently held when you are using them or stored when you are ready to put them away. Unfortunately, when tools are not cared for or stored properly, the result is more than just a nuisance. Your tools may not last as long or function as they should without special tool holders from T.M. Smith Tool.


Our Story: Creating Special Tool Holders

At T.M. Smith Tool, we know the frustration of searching the store or the catalog for the right tool holder, only to come up empty. That’s why for the last 55 years we have been creating special holders that are cost-effective and quick to access. We’ve worked in the manufacturing and design business for decades, and we know just what the average worker wants.

If we don’t have the product you need or want, we are happy to work with you to modify one of our current items or design something new to meet your needs. All you have to do is send samples, specifications or a drawing to our engineering team and we’ll create a new design for your idea. Whether it’s a quick-change tool holder, an end mill holder or a special shrink fit, we are confident we can come up with an innovative solution to a frustrating problem.


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You may be surprised at the current special tool holders we have in stock on our website. We encourage you to browse through our products, but if you can’t find what you need, don’t give up! We are happy to discuss a new application with you and to adapt and change our current products to meet your needs.


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We have worked with machine tool, farm implement, medical, automotive, aerospace and many other industries throughout our years in business, and we are pioneers in the industry. To discuss special tool holders with an expert, call us today at 800-521-4894 or fill out our online contact form.


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