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At T.M. Smith Tool, we are committed to coming up with creative products and customized solutions for quick change tool holding systems. We have been creating high-quality systems for over five decades and have worked with medical, marine, machine tool, farm implement, automotive and aerospace companies to solve complex problems with a simple solution.

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Types of Tap Holders

Our team of customer service representatives and knowledgeable application engineers are committed to providing you with an exceptional customer service experience and access to the designs and products you need. We offer an extensive supply of tap holder to give you greater interchangeability and fast tapping.

  • Rigid tapping holders for synchronous or rigid tapping machines, this product is easily stored, modular with quick change and made with the best of craftsmanship.
  • A radial floating tap holder can compensate for misalignment between the work piece and the cutting tool, have adjustable centering pressure and quick changeability.
  • Tension/compression holders are quickly changed, have axial compensation, adjustable tension compression ratio and are ideal for CNC machines that don’t have rigid tapping.
  • Tension/compression with radial float holders come in full compression, tension and compression or full tension and offer adjustable centering pressure.
  • Close center tap holders are available with tension or rigid and are ideal with a standard holder is too big.
  • Cartridge style tap holders with tension are also quick changeable, have a compact design and can be used in a tool block or with an end mill holder.

At T.M. Smith, we are also proud to offer a huge catalogue of quick change tap adapters and tap holders. If we don’t have what you are looking for, we are determined to find it or create it ourselves. For all your challenges relating to tool holding, we have several solutions to help make the situation easier.


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