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At T.M. Smith Tool, we use our 120 years of combined engineering and manufacturing experience to deliver tooling solutions that ensure peak performance from your machines. When you choose one of our tap holders, you choose the unparalleled precision and productivity you need to generate quality products and stay competitive in today’s market.

Our comprehensive range of holder designs positions T.M. Smith Tool as the industry leader in cutting-edge technology optimized for real-world applications. We offer the following designs and features:

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Our Standard Designs

Whether you seek modular, floating tap holder or tension and compression designs, we have tap holders to match your request. Adjustability, interchangeability, thru-coolant design and pressure control are just a few of the many features you’ll find in our standard holders. The following list highlights the scope and breadth of our product line:

Floating: Acme shank, rotary coolant and Jacobs taper mount
Collet-style floating: Acme shank and Morse taper shank
Quick-change floating: Morse taper, straight shank and hollow taper shank (HSK)
Quick-change rigid: Acme shank
Adjustable tension and compression: Acme shank and straight shank
Tension and compression with radial float: Acme shank and Morse taper shank
Close-center with tension compensation: Acme shank

Special Designs for Specific Applications

Responsiveness to our customers’ needs is a hallmark of the T.M. Smith Tool service philosophy. That’s why our professional engineers are ready to work with you when your application calls for a special design. We’ll use our expertise to pair custom tool holders with your samples, specifications and drawings so you can get any job done quickly and efficiently.

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Learn why the T.M. Smith Tool name is synonymous with precision, productivity and excellence. Contact us today at 800-521-4894 to speak with a member of our experienced sales team. We’re eager to answer your questions and help you find the special tool holders and custom tool holders that meet your all your needs.


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