Jacobs Drill Chuck Taper

jacobs taper dimensions

T.M. Smith Tool adds new Jacobs Taper Rigid ER Collet Chucks to its family of Jacobs taper tool holders. The new durable collet tool chucks are manufactured from premium grade, through-hardened steel. The internal Jacobs taper and ER collet pockets are precision ground to provide T.I.R.  of 0.0002” or better. The T.M. Smith ER collets chucks are far superior to keyed and keyless drill chucks in concentricity and holding power.

jacobs drill chuck taper

Jacobs Taper ER Collet Chuck

Available with a Jacobs taper #1, #2, #33 and #4 (JIFFY), these holders are primarily used in drilling applications. They are compatible with standard Jacobs taper spindles and accept standard ER collets. The chucks are available in an ER16, ER20 and ER32 option. Custom tool holders are always available to meet customer-specific needs. ER collets are ordered separately.

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