LCTH Straight Shank Collet Chuck

LCTH Straight Shank Tap Holder

straight shank collet chuck

Are you looking for a reliable, general-purpose compensating tap holder for your machining needs? If so, you can’t go wrong with the LCTH with a Straight Shank from T.M. Smith Tool. It’s manufactured from premium grade steel that can withstand rigorous use. It also allows you to easily adjust the centering pressure of the radial float for you specific need.

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Product Features

The LCTH tap holder tool has tension and/or compression with radial float. It’s now available in series 1 and 2 with a straight shank. Additional features and benefits include:

  • Quick-change design for convenience and speed
  • Radial float compensates for misalignment between the work piece and spindle
  • Tension/compression for non-synchronous machines

This versatile tool can be used in an end mill holder, collet chuck or tool block. It’s available in multiple standard tension and compression configurations for most the common machining applications. We understand standard tool holders are ideal, but there may be situations where a special tool holder is required. We’d love to help you figure out what type of tap holder is the ideal choice for your needs.

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Our tap holder tools are made to meet the toughest machining demands. Browse through our selection of various tap holders or contact us to learn more about a specific product.

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