Jacobs Taper Dimensions

jacobs taper dimensions

Why Use a Jacobs Taper

Whether you’re just getting started in machine tooling or are an old hand at it, you’ve probably heard the term Jacobs taper thrown around. TM Smith Tool carries this popular and versatile tool mounting system on many of our products. If you’re curious about what defines a Jacobs taper or learning about its benefits, we have a full explanation below.

What Is a Jacobs Taper?

Most machine tools from drill presses to lathes need a simple and reliable system to change bits. A drill press without a mounting system, for instance, would only be able to drill one size hole. Jacobs taper refers to a specific tapering of the shank on the tool bit that you insert into the machine.

This type of taper is the self-holding variety, which means the male end wedges into the female without needing a drawbar. This keeps the tool bit in place even when the machine is idle. You use a wedge to remove the bit. Jacobs taper dimensions vary, with the angle changing depending on the size of the tool bit.

What Are the Benefits of a Jacobs Taper?

This style of taper has stuck around for years because people love its many advantages. Among the positives of using the Jacobs taper are that it’s:


  • Quick-changing: This taper doesn’t need a drawbar, making it simpler to change tool bits.


  • Perfect for light loads: Drill presses and lathe tailstocks, for instance, don’t need as much rotation prevention as other machines.


  • Versatile: Not only are many bits made in this style, a Jacobs taper adapter lets your machine use even more tool bits.

Discover More Now

The Jacobs taper makes it easy to switch out tool bits to get more work done quickly. If this sounds like the right system for you, check out the related products carried by TM Smith Tool. We’re happy to take your call at call at 800-521-4894 or you can email us at customerservice@tmsmith.com.

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