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HSK Tool Holders

If you’re searching for a specialty tool holder for your milling and CNC machining production facility, there is a wide range of special tool holders to select from. For a unique, high-speed spindle design, consider choosing an HSK tool holder. Learn more about this innovative design and discover how T.M. Smith can help you receive […]

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Morse Taper Tap Holder

Select quality parts and reliable engineering when you’re shopping for tapping holders for your tapping project. When you need innovative solutions and custom-fit tap holders, discover how a Morse Taper tap holder can offer you benefits you might not find with other brands and designs. Here are a few key features about Morse Taper products, […]

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CNC Floating Tap Holder

When engineers first invented the CNC machine in the 1940s, the game changed for machinists. This groundbreaking computer-assisted device streamlined the work process significantly, but designers are always looking for ways to improve. Some of the biggest innovations in this industry have to do with the accessories used for specialized tasks such as the CNC […]

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Jacobs Drill Chuck Taper

jacobs taper dimensions

T.M. Smith Tool adds new Jacobs Taper Rigid ER Collet Chucks to its family of Jacobs taper tool holders. The new durable collet tool chucks are manufactured from premium grade, through-hardened steel. The internal Jacobs taper and ER collet pockets are precision ground to provide T.I.R.  of 0.0002” or better. The T.M. Smith ER collets […]

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LCTH Straight Shank Collet Chuck

LCTH Straight Shank Tap Holder

Are you looking for a reliable, general-purpose compensating tap holder for your machining needs? If so, you can’t go wrong with the LCTH with a Straight Shank from T.M. Smith Tool. It’s manufactured from premium grade steel that can withstand rigorous use. It also allows you to easily adjust the centering pressure of the radial […]

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