Why Do I Want To Use a Radial Floating Tool Holder?

Today’s tool holders are designed to make your job easier. At T.M. Smith our specialized tool-holding systems incorporate features that enhance cutting performance and improve productivity. They are designed to help overcome alignment disparity between the workpiece and the cutting tool.

Numerous underlying circumstances can cause tool-alignment problems and interrupt normal operations. For example, when a reaming set up calls for separate workstations to carry out the original bore and the reaming operation, the bushing plates often are out of sync with the spindle. Transfer-line-type equipment and dial-type machines often encounter this problem. Even a small offset can cause a host of production problems. You can conquer most alignment problems by using a specialized device called a radial floating tool holder.

Radial Floating Tool Holders

In order for a tap to produce a quality thread pattern, it must align with the work-piece hole precisely. The floating tap holder enables the machine’s spindle center to line up with the pre-drilled hole in the work piece.

Floating tool holders solve numerous immediate and secondary alignment problems. In addition, they provide far-reaching advantages for the cut quality. Some of these benefits include:

  • Higher quality thread profile
  • Lower incidence of tool binding
  • Longer tool life
  • Tolerance of more efficient cutting speeds
  • Improved tapping and reaming accuracy
  • Fewer mis-shaped openings, also known as bell-mouthing
  • Less scrap

The floating tool holder can also be effective in addressing issues beyond radial alignment. T.M. Smith’s length compensating tap holder adds the benefit of linear compensation to the equation.

Length Compensating Tool Holders

Whereas radial float compensates for lateral misalignment, the addition of length-compensation allows the tap holder to shorten or lengthen as needed during the cycle. Spindle speeds and feed rates must maintain compatibility with tap pitch throughout the operation.

Too much variation between the spindle and the tap motion often causes undue compression and tension on the tap. The intended thread pattern may be damaged or distorted when subjected to those unwanted forces. Ultimately, the excess wear and tear shortens the tool life.

A length-compensating floating tool holder offers the flexibility and control needed for optimum interplay between the spindle and the tap. The added protection from wear and tear makes this product an essential addition to your tool-holder inventory.

Torque-Control Tap Adapters

Torque-control tapping is the most effective way to protect your work piece and your taps from damage or breakage. T.M. Smith’s torque-control adapters are designed to detect when maximum torque is reached and stop the rotation mechanism before the tap breaks. Like a floating tool holder, the tap adapter can spare you the time-consuming exercise of replacing parts and repairing secondary damage.

The tap adapter registers the high torque reading and its internal clutch engages to reverse the rotating motion. It then backs the tap out of the hole, preventing it from snapping. This adaptor solves a crucial tool problem and is another piece that can make a big difference in the overall quality of your tooling services.

Reaming and tapping quality depend largely on the effectiveness of the tool holder that guides them. The radial floating tool holder and the length-compensation version both help prevent a host of tooling obstacles and delays. Our customer service technicians are always willing to help you evaluate which tools, parts and accessories offer your operation the smoothest, most efficient tooling setup.

At T.M. Smith, we understand the effect that slow-downs and quality problems can have on a manufacturing operation. We enjoy partnering with our customers to answer your questions and talk tool holders. We hope you will allow us to help you match your unique operations with the tool-holder styles that offer you the most benefit.

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