Benefits of Buying High Quality Tap Holders

Whether you are an engineer working in a machine shop or repairing a thread at home, you need to know how taps and their respective components work. Tapping is an operation used to produce internal screw threads using a tool called a tap. Taps are used in multiple industries and are used in a variety of different functions. Essentially, a tap is a tool used to create a threaded hole in a piece of material. 

Most taps are made of a shank of steel. The thread length houses the teeth responsible for cutting the threads. Within the thread length are flutes that cut away the material. On the reverse side of the tap, the steel shank forms a square. This square is used to allow the tap to fit inside holders, spinning the mechanism while in use.  Tap holders play an essential part in the overall function of the tap. Therefore, there are many benefits to purchasing high-quality tap holders to use in your tapping or threading processes. 

High-Quality Tap Holders Increase Efficiency

Using a low-quality tap holder can complicate your tapping process and slow down the entire tooling mechanism. The holder is an integral part of any tap tool and is responsible for spinning the instrument during the production process. Purchasing a high-quality tap holder can increase the efficiency of your tapping process and streamline your entire operation. T.M. Smith Tool is committed to providing personalized solutions for quick-change tool holding systems. We have the experience and expertise to produce high-quality holders for several businesses in the medical, marine, machine, and automotive industries. 

Tap Holders Are Ideal for CNC Machines

High-quality tap holders are ideal for use on a variety of CNC machines. Your CNC machine is integral to the success of your manufacturing process as it houses a variety of crucial parts and tools. The CNC machine contains a spindle, which controls the cutting tools and regulates the accuracy of the cut. A tool holder is essential for those using CNC machines as it provides the necessary barrier between the spindle and the cutting tool. 

Many manufacturers prefer CNC machines as they are designed to make the cutting process as customized as possible. Depending on the type of cut you desire, a tool holder can provide a high level of accuracy or provide more flexibility to avoid a broken tool. 

Purchasing a high-quality tap holder can help your CNC machine produce accurate cuts of all types. Working with T.M. Smith Tool enables you to get the best performance out of your CNC machine and your tap holders. 

Tap Holders Allow For Maximum Interchangeability 

T.M. Smith Tool produces taps and tap holders that are interchangeable with CNC machinery. Interchangeability allows customers to customize their tool configurations based on their requirements. By using a quick-change tooling system, you can quickly swap out taps for optimal efficiency. This solution works on a variety of tooling configurations, including: 

  • Rigid tap holders
  • Radial floating tap holders
  • Tension/compression tap holders
  • Close center tap holders

Quick-changing tooling systems allow for quick interchangeability, allowing you to change settings based on your specific requirements. 

Work With T.M. Smith Tool for Tap Holders

T.M. Smith Tool is a leader in the quick-change tool holding systems market. We have over 60 years of experience producing high-quality tooling configurations for a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, marine, farming and machining. If you are looking for a high-quality tap holder to complete your tapping tool system, contact T.M. Smith Tool today. Our tooling technicians have the expertise and certifications to provide you with a versatile and efficient tooling system.

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