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Standardized & Custom Tool-Holding Systems

When it comes to tool-holding systems, precision is essential. If you’ve tried to fit a tool shank into a collet that’s even a fraction too small, you may have discovered the importance of proper sizing. Even a slight size disparity could damage the collet, potentially rendering it dysfunctional. As the world’s leading producer of standard and custom tool holding systems and accessories, T.M. Smith is here to help you achieve the speed, safety, and efficiency goals that make your organization a success.

Time-Tested Products and Service

T.M. Smith’s American-made tool-holding systems are backed by three generations of family ownership and experienced application engineers. Our user-friendly catalog and customer-service staff will guide you to the right product for your company’s current project.

Our standardized ER collet systems are designed for diverse applications. From automotive and agriculture to medical and aerospace, the right collet assembly is essential wherever a round-shank cutting tool needs to fit into a rotating mechanism. Single parts or sets are available in standard, ultra-precision, and sealed styles. 

Ultra-Precision Accuracy 

Designed to reduce run out by 50%, ultra-precision collets are manufactured to be as concentric as possible. They are designed for accuracy, which requires an exact size match with the cutting tool. When ordering ultra-precision collets, make sure you are prepared with the shank size of your tool.

Sealed Systems 

For applications that involve coolant, a sealed collet system is required. These specialized ER collets feature rubber or steel sealing systems that allow coolant to be introduced through the back end of the tool. The sealing material is inserted into the front angle of the collet, and the new 8-slot design ensures sealant won’t be pushed into the collet pocket. Special pressure-rated coolant discs and collet nuts are required for sealed systems to work properly.

Every component of the system is designed to ensure all of the coolants passes through the cutting tool. 

Customer Satisfaction 

Even our standard tool-holding systems are precision ground for the highest accuracy and gripping force, but we’d like to know if we don’t fully meet your expectations. T.M. Smith leadership is interested in hearing about your experiences with standard and custom collets, chucks, and collet nuts. We strive to achieve the right balance of selection, availability, affordability, and standardization. Understanding your preferences and concerns helps us achieve that balance and also informs our product development goals. We value your satisfaction. Our reputation as a leading innovator and supplier depends on it.

Whatever your industry sector or project scale, T.M. Smith’s catalog, and user-friendly tables will help you choose the right parts for your project. Our customer-satisfaction team is eager to answer any questions you have about specifications or sizing of collets, collet nuts or accessories. We sincerely hope you will allow our world-class team of professionals to help you match your current project needs with the right collet system for the job.

Choose TM Smith for Your Precision Products

If you need a hole that is consistent and stands up to demanding quality requirements, you need a reaming tool with a floating reaming tool holder by TM Smith. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of using a floating reamer holder. Browse our selection of tool holders and ask about custom options for your particular industry. Don’t let minor inefficiencies compromise the quality of your production facility, but invest in tools and high-grade equipment that help you create industry-leading products.

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