Floating Reamer Holders

Floating reamer holder

Reamer Applications

A reaming machine uses a specialized device to create a hole to your precise specifications. Unlike a flexible bit, a reamer is designed to create a hole with near-perfect concentricity. Avoid barreled, scared and ovalled holes by choosing a floating reamer holder from TM Smith.

Reamers are typically used to gradually widen an initial hole created by drilling. Instead of drilling the entire hole at once, which can create inconsistencies and tearing. A reamer gradually expands and forms the shape of the workpiece to match your demanding requirements.

There are many kinds of reaming tools used in industrial applications, but here are four basic types of tools you may be using or require for a particular project:

  • Shell reamer
  • Rose reamer
  • Right-hand spiral reamer
  • Straight reamer

These common options are used to create products in a number of industries because just like any other lathe tool, reaming tool applications are incredibly diverse.

Benefits of a Floating Reamer Holder

Of course, even a reaming tool has a margin of error. The lathe tailstock and major axis must be aligned as close as 0.0002 inches for an accurate hole, otherwise, there can still be scarring and oversizing. To solve this issue you need a floating reamer holder by TM Smith.

Our floating reamer holders use free-moving axial bearings to allow them to follow the existing hole with incredible precision. Like all our floating tool holders, these reamer holders use the latest in precision engineering and high-quality steel to ensure long-lasting performance in industrial applications.

You can get the most out of your set of reaming tools by investing in a floating tool holder. Any workpiece that requires a precise, consistent hole in metal or wood can take advantage of a reaming tool with a floating reaming tool holder.

Signs You Need a TM Smith Reamer Holder

If you’re using a reaming tool without a floating reamer holder, you’re sacrificing precision and overall work quality. Look for signs of tearing, ovalling and other issues with your reaming tool to determine whether you need a TM Smith tool holder. Even if you already have a floating tool holder you should still consider servicing or replacing it with one of the quality tool holder options at TM Smith.

A damaged tool holder will fail to allow your reaming tool to follow the hole with accuracy. The most common sign of a damaged tool holder is inefficiencies in your workpieces. Invest in repair services before you need to replace your tool holder or reaming tool.
Even the best tool holders need to be repaired or replaced, so watch out for signs of wear on your existing tool holder. We service all our reaming tool holders and offer a wide range of replacement holders to keep your lathe operating with minimal downtime.

Choose TM Smith for Your Precision Products

If you need a hole that is consistent and stands up to demanding quality requirements, you need a reaming tool with a floating reaming tool holder by TM Smith. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of using a floating reamer holder. Browse our selection of tool holders and ask about custom options for your particular industry. Don’t let minor inefficiencies compromise the quality of your production facility, but invest in tools and high-grade equipment that help you create industry-leading products.

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