Radial Floating Tap Holders

Radial Floating Tap Holders

Upgrade the precision and cutting performance of your CNC machinery with the latest tap holder designs. If you’re comparing all the best designs today and looking for a way to increase the precision and lifetime of your tapping holders, consider investing in radial floating tap holder options for your equipment. Learn more about these versatile and high-quality tap holders and find the best options at T.M. Smith.

What Are Radial Floating Tap Holders?

Unlike rigid tap holders, a radial floating tap holder offers 360-degree radial float. This allows them to bridge the gap between your special tool holder and workpiece, allowing you to create precision cuts while preserving your tap life.

A state-of-the-art spring mechanism compensates for the various movements and acceleration of your tap. Without this feature, your tap holder and threading can be damaged by any minute differences in the workpiece alignment.

This high-end tap holder tool is typically used with ER16 and ER32 collets. Your tap holder either allows coolant to pass through it or is completely sealed.

Eliminate feed errors and compensate for any axial movement with these rugged and high-speed tap holders. Your CNC machinery is a flexible and precision machining alternative, so keep it moving forward with minimal downtime thanks to these rugged and precise tap holders.

Benefits of Radial Floating Tap Holder Designs

When you choose a radial floating tap holder, you’ll experience a range of benefits. Thanks to the centering pressure, precision coolant system and variety of tapers available, here are just a few reasons to upgrade to radial floating holders:

  • Long-lasting tap life
  • Durable thread quality
  • Reduced feed errors
  • Versatile taper options available
  • Compatible with common collets

Radial floating tap holders come in a range of sizes and specifications, so the exact benefits will change depending on the type of tap holder and CNC machine you’re using. Compare these tap holders with your current designs to find out how these benefits will improve your machining quality.

With the right tap holder, you’ll experience greater precision in your machining. Whether you’re operating a high-speed or low-speed spindle, a floating tap allows the rotation speed to operate at the ideal speed. The tension and compression are designed to reduce feed errors that can occur with a fixed tap holder design.

Available Options

At T.M. Smith, our floating tap holder options include all the cutting-edge options you need to keep your CNC machining services operating day in and day out. Here are your comprehensive radial floating tap holder options available through our catalog:

  • Straight shanks
  • End mill style shanks
  • ACME shanks
  • CAT, BT and HSK shanks
  • Morse & Jacobs tapers

Each of these options is available with various collet types, so compare each option to determine the best solution for your tap holding situation. Our technicians can help you diagnose any tap holding issues you may be experiencing and work with you to provide a superior design.

At T.M. Smith, we provide these tap holders and custom designs to fit your CNC machine. As you design your workpieces and create cutting-edge components for your industry. Since 1957 T.M. Smith has provided high-quality tap holders for farm implement manufacturing, marine, medical, automotive and machine tool industries. We provide quick-change tooling, floating holders and other tool holding options to create dynamic solutions for any CNC machining issues you may have.

Learn More About Tap Holder Options Today

T.M. Smith is a leader in innovative radial floating tap holder manufacturing and servicing. Whether you’re ready to switch to a radial floating option or need your tapping holders rebuilt, contact us today. Discover how an innovative tap holder solution can offer you cutting-edge CNC machining performance and productivity.

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