HSK Tool Holders

HSK Tool Holders

If you’re searching for a specialty tool holder for your milling and CNC machining production facility, there is a wide range of special tool holders to select from. For a unique, high-speed spindle design, consider choosing an HSK tool holder. Learn more about this innovative design and discover how T.M. Smith can help you receive your specialized tool holders today.

What Are HSK Tool Holders?

HSK holders are popular in Europe, particularly Germany, where cutting-edge manufacturing is widely used in a variety of CNC applications. HSK is a German abbreviation, which translates to a hollow taper shank.

A hollow taper means these tools holders don’t have a retention knob and are creating for high-speed machining. These holders are becoming more popular in America due to their precision performance. HSK tool holders require specialized storage to retain their precision, as the tolerance between the taper and spindle receiver is less than two microns.

There are six categories of HSK tool holders, which are generally divided into three basic applications. Here are some basic features of the six categories of HSK tool holders:

  • Type A: These tool holders are designed for automatic tool changing and require moderate or high spindle speeds and moderate torque for maximum efficiency.
  • Type B: Another automatic changing design, type B tool holders are perfect for high-torque applications that use high or moderate spindle speeds.
  • Type C: Similar to type A, type C HSK tool holders are meant for manual changing with the same moderate torque and moderate-to-high speeds.
  • Type D: These tool holders are the manual changing version of type B HSK holders.
  • Types E and F: For low-torque applications that require extreme spindle speeds, choose either type E or type F tool holders.

Like other tool holder types, each HSK tool holder is specialized to your particular tool and machine. Depending on the spindle, tool type and application, you’ll need to determine the best type for your facility. Improper HSK tool holder use could quickly damage the holder and create imprecise milling.

Benefits of Using HSK Tool Holders

Unlike typical steel taper and conventional shank, an HSK tool holder offers far more radial stiffness and high-speed precision. The radial stiffness can be up to five times more than a typical BT, SK or CAT tool holder.

This additional stiffness is achieved from clamping force on the flange of your HSK shank. The collet’s chamfer and shank’s inner wall chamfer are matched, so the shank and receiver are securely locked. This makes the receiver and shank’s flange, as well as creating firm contact all around the HSK shank.

Whether you’re looking for accelerated manufacturing speed, high rotation speed or both, an HSK tool holder outperforms many standard options. On average, you can enjoy a more balanced, lighter tool holder that creates professional, precision results.

One of the major reasons companies are hesitant to make the switch to HSK tool holders is the precision design. If your HSK tool holder needs to be serviced, many maintenance teams lack the tools and techniques required to rebuild these lightweight and precise tool holders. Thankfully, T.M. Smith Tool specializes in the latest tool holding manufacturing and servicing for HSK and other types of tool holders.

Learn More at T.M. Smith Tool

Your leader in special tool holders is T.M. Smith Tool. If you want more information about HSK tool holders or other tool holder types, turn to an industry leader. Contact us to discover how we can create high-performance tool holders for your CNC machining needs. From a single tool holder to an expansive production facility in the automotive, marine, medical or machine tool industries, we have the experience you need.

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