Tension Compression Tap Holder

Your CNC machining requires precision movements and cutting power to navigate complicated workpieces and avoid damage to your tools. If you’re ready to retire your rigid tap holders and enjoy the benefits of the latest tap holder design, discover why you should choose a tension compression tap holder. Compare this innovative design with other tap holders to discover how you can increase the efficiency of your CNC machine.

What Is a Tension Compression Tap Holder?

As you tap a hole, you have two basic options: a rigid tap holder or a flexible one. Of course, there are dozens of minute differences between various tap holder sizes, designs and build materials, but floating vs rigid is perhaps the most important decision to make.

Tension Compression Tap Holder

A rigid tap holder relies on precise synchronization with your machine spindle rotation. Once synchronized, both parts move as one and create a hole without relying on flexible tap holders. While this process works in theory, in practice any slight discrepancy can damage your tap, your tool and your workpiece.

A tension compression tap holder uses tension to grip the tool, so you can use a single tap holder for a wider range of tools. You can also enjoy rapid changing between tool types. Your tool has more room to move in terms of axial compensation, so there’s a reduced risk of damage due to pulling or pushing. Overall, most companies experience less tool damage and improved machine efficiency due to rapid tool changing.

Benefits of Flexible Tap Holders

Invest in tension compression tap holders and discover a range of benefits. This tap holder style allows you to reduce the risk of your tap breaking. A traditional rigid tape is easily damaged if your tool pushes or pulls on it with force. A tension compression tap holder, as a floating tap holder, uses a spring mechanism to account for any feed variance as your CNC machine operates. Here are just a few benefits you can expect when you upgrade to flexible tension compression tap holders:

  • Less risk of damaged taps
  • Increased axial compensation
  • Improved thread quality and tool life
  • Reduced feed errors
  • Rapid tool changing

These are just a few ways you can enjoy long-lasting tools, taps and threading as you power through your daily CNC machine needs. CNC machines that are exposed to heavy use often experience significant downtime due to re-tooling, damaged tools and damaged tap holders. Instead of battling your rigid tap holder in an attempt to create perfect synchronization, invest in quality tap holders that withstand the reality of daily CNC machining.

Flexible Tap Holder Considerations

Of course, there are a few advantages to choosing a rigid tap holder. While most applications are still capable of reaching the same quality levels with a flexible tap, other workpieces experience reduced quality control. A flexible tap holder isn’t capable of offering the same level of depth control accuracy when working on blind holes.

These ultra-precise projects are better handled by a rigid tap hold that’s properly synchronized. While this increases the risk of tool and tap damage, it allows you to create the exact workpiece you need for your manufacturing process.

Learn More at T.M. Smith

At T.M. Smith, we pride ourselves on long-lasting products for a variety of industries. From medical and marine technologies to machine tool and automotive, we work with leading companies in a variety of industries and offer cutting-edge tap holders. If you’re interested in ordering tension compression tap holders or receiving quality repair services for other special tool holders, contact us today. Enjoy industry-leading precision and long-lasting tool performance by investing in quality tap holders that can withstand the pressures of your manufacturing process.

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