Morse Taper Tap Holder

Select quality parts and reliable engineering when you’re shopping for tapping holders for your tapping project. When you need innovative solutions and custom-fit tap holders, discover how a Morse Taper tap holder can offer you benefits you might not find with other brands and designs. Here are a few key features about Morse Taper products, as well as quality tap holders you can receive for a range of tap sizes.

What Are Morse Taper Tap Holders?

The Morse Taper was invented by Stephen A. Morse in 1864. He created a company around this innovative design, and it quickly became a popular tool in a wide range of industries. This tap is used to create precision components for the medical, automotive, farm implement and marine equipment industries.

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These custom tap holders are designed to hold your Morse Taper taps. At T.M. Smith, we create tap holders available in #1, #2, #3 and #4. Your Morse Taper is a spindle that tapers a specified amount. It’s commonly used in drill presses and lathes, but has a range of specialized uses as well.

Since 1864, Morse Tapers have been used in a variety of industries to allow both the trunnion and bore to be tapered uniformly. Because of the Morse ISO standard, you can reliably compare tools that have a specified Morse number and use a specialized tap holder designed for your Morse Taper number confidently.

If you’re comparing sizes of Morse Taper, it can be difficult to distinguish between #1, #2 and so on. A #1 taper, or MT1, has the same amount of taper per inch. The main difference between MT1 and MT2 is the actual length of the Morse Taper.

Benefits of Quick-Change Tap Holders

As a popular taper design, a Morse Taper tool experiences heavy use in many lathe and drill press machines. However, even the most rugged taps need to be serviced or replaced. Replacing your tap means downtime for your machine, which can result in a significant loss in profits.

Similarly, some manufacturing plants have to switch their taps consistently. If you have a number of specialty parts and custom tools, you need special tool holders to ensure a proper fit. This can also slow down your manufacturing process as you switch between taps and adjust tap holders.

A quick-change tap holder is designed to minimize all this downtime. Whether you need to replace a broken or dull tap or you’re swapping out one More Taper for a smaller size, choose a quick-change tap holder to speed up the process and keep your plant moving forward.

Just like a specialty tap holder, a quick-change tap holder needs to have precision engineering to withstand the extreme stress and high speeds it encounters every day. Don’t select any tap holder for your essential presses and lathes, but work with an industry-leading manufacturer to receive reliable, high-quality tool holders.

Enjoy Custom Tooling in Your Equipment Today

At T.M. Smith, we offer a wide range of quick-change Morse Taper tap holders. Browse our catalog of innovative tooling holders to discover how you can improve your process today. From radial floating quick-change tap holders to tension and compression QC tap holders, you’ll find a range of durable, high-quality tap holders for your Morse Tapers.

If you need more information about our highly experienced tool holding line, contact us today. Discuss our tap holding history, commitment to quality and the many industries we serve. Whether you’re manufacturing medical, automotive, aerospace or farm implement components, we have the experience and the quality control you need to enjoy a long-lasting precision tap holder. Learn more about how our quick-change tap holders can improve your productivity.

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